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mono+postgresql+apache+monodevelop is good for linux web developers

I'am very glad if you can join our work, just send email to, my name is Cong Zhang(Zhang is my family name), I am waiting for you :)

In my opinion, It's easy to create a C# edition, the real trouble is weather we can make DotNetNuke work with mono and postgresql, DotNetNuke is just a framework, so who can migrate the module to mono that use PostgreSQL Data provider? just themselves, I think so. I should just migrate the core part to mono, and support the base Data Provider base on PostgreSQL for DotNetNuke Core Framework.
** do what you want to do ,we are the best **

Our work is base on dotnetnuke 4.0, and I am geting ready for the first preview edition, this will be complete C# edition and work with .Net 2.0 and Sql Server 2000 and above.

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